How to Obtain A new Voter Card In Punjab- Online Registration Process For Punjab

Each and every citizen of India has the right of having a voter id card. They need to vote for the candidate they want to run the government. They just need to fill up one form called as Form 6A and then they can register. 

For that matter, one should have completed 18 years of age to able to get a voter id card and also to vote. The website will easily help all of you in registering online as it is easy to do that. The website is very informative and it is also very transparent. It has all the details regarding the elections, polling booths and many other things related to the elections. 

The process is very user friendly, by just having some basic knowledge, one can apply online and get their voter id card for that matter. The process is not that frustrating the way it used to be in the past like standing in the line for hours and getting the voter id card late. The system has changed. Government has taken a lot of steps for the betterment of us. A simple process of registration is there which we will tell you.

Registration Procedure

  1. Open the official website of Punjab which is
  2. You can click on any of them and get the information that you want to.
  3. For time being, click on the new user registration and get yourself registered.
  4. Now you have to fill the Form 6 with all the details correctly.
  5. Download the Form , fill it and then and then submit it to the officials there.
  6. Keep in mind regarding the photograph that you use. Use only colour photograph and make a not that the background has to be white in colour.
  7. Fill all the details like that of the name, surname and many more.
  8. Then you will have to send the application by post.
  9. It is suggested that you send it by post otherwise there are chances that it might get lost if your courier it.

Besides the form that you are sending, you need to send a couple of things more to them. You have to send one address proof as well. You can send them the photocopy of your passport, only the front part or may be your bank passbook can also be sent or any other id proof that you have. 

These are to be attested first and then sent. But in case, you yourself are going to submit, then you will have to take the original copy with you and show it to them for verifying it.

In case, while filling the form or anything, if you face any sort of problem, then you can always take the help of the offices of the Chief Electoral Officer who are working under Election Commission of India.  

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