Step by Step Registration Process for A New Voter ID Card in Maharashtra- CEO Official and Contact Details for Mumbai office

India is a country with a democratic political system and Indians have freedom to choose their rulers and leaders. Depending on the tenure as per the Indian written constitution, elections are held in every state of India and people are allowed to vote of their choice.

Maharashtra, is one of the Indian states having a majority number of voters and Mumbai alone has crores of people on every poll. There are about 288 constituencies. Chinchwad is the largest and Wadala is the smallest constituencies. The major party groups taking part in elections who provide leaders to the Maharashtra state are the BJP, Congress, NCP, Shiva Sena, and MNS.

Online registration process

Like all other states, Maharashtra also has its own system of electoral enrollment of fresh names and it can be done by online process as well which is the most preferred way. An applicant as a fresh entry for voter identification card can visit the official website of election commission office which is and select the option as online voter registration. In the list of the forms listed select the form of your requirement and follow the remaining procedure by filling up all the details. For new registration select form 6. 

Once all the fields are filled, re check the form before submitting it as any mistake in details such as the full address, name, phone number etc may cause problems at the time of verification process and might be the reason for either rejection of delay. After checking and making sure everything is fine, submit the form. Keep the registration number which will be given to check for further status of your application.

Once the application is received by the election commission office, the BLO (Booth Level Officer) will visit the mentioned address for verification. The officer will also ask for your signature and verify other required details and process of providing the voter identification card will be proceeded

Documents required

It is important to keep all the documents ready while making the online registration as you cannot hold on once you start the process. The documents which are needed as a scanned copy at relevant information are a passport size photo, age proof, and address proof.

Direct registration process

People who do not wish to make online registration can also register by directly visiting the election commission office. Request for a form 6 in the office, fill up all the fields in the form, attach the documents above mentioned wherever necessary. Before submitting the form, it requires the concerned officer signature as a process of checking. Once the form is handed for the verification process, the BLO will follow the same process as above mentioned in the online process. The voter identification card will be issued after all the details verified.

There is also another way of applying for voter Id card. One can download the form 6 from the website and take a print of it. Fill in all the details and post it to the electoral commission office. Once the application form is received it will be handed over to the verification department and the verification officer will follow the process further and confirm the issuance of the card. Applicant can always track the status of his or her application with the registration number provided.  

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