How to get voter ID Card in State of Tripura

Tripura Voter ID Card
An excellent proof of identity stating authenticated citizenship, the Voter ID Card is a necessity for all. It improvises the chances for an individual to play an important part in forming the government. In the Indian context, having Voters ID Card marks the significance that a person is the rightful candidate to cast his or her valuable vote. It is surely with the support of valid Voters ID Card, the person is not subject to the legal inquiries in terms of identification. The most essential factor in having the voters ID card is that it allows to carry out various transactions easily; whether banking or property purchase or a commercial activity. Even the people willing to stay in a hotel outside their hometown are required to produce Voters ID Card as a mark of identification.
Eligibility for the Voters ID Card in Tripura:
Belonging to the tribal clan, Tripura happens to bring smile on the face of the residents by issuing them Voters ID Card. This means that they will also stand a chance to cast vote and select the government. Before applying for the Voters ID Card in Tripura, the people of the state are required to fulfil certain criterion:
  • Needs to have a minimum 18 years of age at the time of issuance of card.
  • The person applying for the Voters ID Card needs to be a permanent citizen of Tripura.
  • He or she is required to possess a validated home address for contact.
  • The person applying for a Voter ID Card in Tripura is required to be a part of that certain constituency.

Instructions to Apply for Voters ID Card in Tamil Nadu:

  1. The first step in getting the Voters ID Card is that the aspirant applicant is needed to fill the Form No. 6, which is easily accessible on the state’s own website. In this way, the aspirant Voter’s name gets registered in the list.
  2. Few days later to the registration, Election Officer of Tripura initiates Voter ID Card Issuance Drive that dictates all enumerated voters to access the requisite nominated Photographic Location in Tripura, which will surely be a Government School or some Government Office. Certainly, the notice is issued well before the actual day of Voters ID Card collection.
  3. As the person reaches the designated center for getting Voter’s ID, they are called one by one in the room. A picture is clicked through the camera and fed in the system. Further to this print is taken out with registered details and laminated. This is the Voters ID Card that allows the citizens of Tripura to establish the worth of their existence.
Applying online for the Voters ID Card:

With the facility to apply online, the applicants are required to fill the form no. 8, scan photograph and copies of the relevant documents as a part of authentication. These documents can be proof of residence, proof of age and photographs. Then, after a period of one month; the Voters ID Card comes at the doorstep.

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