How To Get new Eletoral Card in State of {Manipur- Online and Offline Registration Procedure} Guide.

India became the independent nation on 15th August 1947 and since then the elections are held depending on the constitutional laws and system. The electoral commission office of India divides its responsibilities and has an office in every state. The state office conducts the elections and manages the legislative assemblies and all the related elections of both the national and state wise to their particular state.

Manipur became a union territory in the year 1956, although it was later added as one of the nation states in the year 1972. Manipur has 60 legislative assembly constituencies, 2 House of Lok Sabha people, and one Rajya Sabha council of state constituencies. The state also has a dedicated website which provides all the details on the electoral related forms and other information. 

Online Registration Process

To apply for the voter identification card in Manipur is easier than before because of the state CEO website and with the online registration process. Most of the Indian states are providing with this facility to submit all kind of electoral related forms online itself and it might save people time. To apply for the voter id card in any of the Manipur constituency, visit the webpage and go to the online registration button. 

Select form 6 to apply as a new registration. Fill in all the details of the application form with all the required fields. It is necessary to give proper personal information such as the full address, phone number, age and other things so as to avoid any kind of rejection or delay during the time of verification process. Submit the form after checking for all the correct details.

The submitted forms will be passed on to the BLO (Booth Level Office) and an officer will visit the mentioned location in the form and verification process will be completed. Based on the verification officer inputs the voter identification card will be issued.

Offline registration process

Applying for a new voter identification card can also be done by downloading the form 6 from the website, take a print of it, fill up all the details and post it to the election commission officer of the Manipur state. The application form will be handed over to the BLO once it is received from the postal department and the verification process will be proceeded. It is important that provide proper details in the form for an easy verification process.

In some cases, people are not comfortable with the use of any internet way of applying for the voter's id card. In such cases the applicant can visit the election commission office directly and request for the form 6. 

Submit the form to the concerned person once you provide all the necessary information in the form along with the required documents and concerned person signature. Once after submitting the form, it will be continued with the verification process similarly as the above. Based on the verification officer the election commissioner officer will approve for the issuance of the voter identification card and will be sent to our mentioned address by post. 

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