How to get voter id card in state of Arunachal Pradesh- Step by Step Procedure Guide

Voting is our right. And so is the voter id card. One should vote as it helps in deciding the future of the nation, one should not miss this opportunity to vote and also a lot of work can only be done if you are able to produce a voter id card. As soon as one turns 18, one is eligible to vote. As we know now that the process has been made online, and also that the process has also been made very easier by the government. This has made our job very easy. We do not have to go to the office and wait for hours to get our voter id card. All that can be done by just sitting at home. Everything can be done at our own will. One can also make the changes, if they need to in their voter id card.

For registration, one has to first log into the site of Arunachal Pradesh which is On this site, you will find a lot information that is required by you for the voter id card with respect to the polling booths and also regarding the elections. The process is very transparent and fair.  One can also get to know that whether their name is included in the list or not, you will just have to provide all the information that you have submitted earlier.

On the site, towards your left, you will find an option of registration, you have to first click on that. Then you will be taken to the official site with the help of a portal and you will be asked to login with your username and password. In case you are an old user, enter username and password. But, if you are a new user, you will have to register and then you will get the details on your mobile phone regarding the username and password. 

The details that you get on your mobile phone has to be kept safely with you. With that, you have to login to the site and then you have to first fill a form called as the Form 6. Download that. Fill in all the details carefully in that. Make sure that the details that you fill are valid because at the time of verification, it might become difficult for you to prove that. Once you fill that, take a print out of that and then you will have to submit it to the electoral officer which is most near to you. 

It would be better if you speed post it, there are chances that it might get lost if you courier it. As soon as they get it, they will register it and give you a receipt of the same. Later, they will also come to your place for the purpose of verification and then within a couple of months you will get your voter id card. Make sure you are present at your home at the time of verification.

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