How to get a voter id card in Lakshadweep : Voter ID registration

Lakshadweep is one of the Union Territories of India. There is only one district called as Lakshadweep but it also has a lot of islands there with it called as the Agatti, Kavaratti, Androth, Minicoy, Kalpeni, Amini and may more. The law of the Union Territory is taken care by the state of Kerala. Kerala High Court takes care of that. Central Government appoints the person who then takes care of the whole system. Now one can get a voter id card in Lakshadweep also. The CEO which is the Chief Electoral Officer takes care of that and decides everything that happens in this region. As soon as the dates of the election are announced, the electoral officer has a lot to do regarding the same. Both the elections are taken care by him which are Lok Sabha Elections and also the Assembly Elections as well. The preparation of the electoral rolls is also done by him only and also the updation of the list also is taken care by him only. He is responsible for taking care of the problems faced by the parties and suggests them and also listens to them what they have to say. He takes care of the fact that the party has all the resources that they need and they get what they have. He also takes care that the process of election takes place smoothly and the helpline and also the complaint department functions properly. Even the counting of the votes takes place under his wings, he has to take care of that. The after election process also takes place under them.
CEO Lakshadweep

Each and every Indian citizen will get enrolled. One can do that online and offline. You need to have your age proof documents which are your birth certificate, school leaving certificate, declaration by your parents, all this can be used. You also need to have your address proof documents with you like that of driving license, passport, latest bills that you have, ration card and many more. You will have to register on the site and the download the Form 6. Then you have to add your date of birth. After that you should press the submit button. Then you will see Form 6, enter all your details. Then you will have to select Booth as well. You will also be asked to enter the details of the family member that you have. You will also have to enter all your details. You will also have to enter the details like that your name, date of birth, age and also your address details where you make sure that you enter the pin code correctly. You will also get an option of hearing date, that is the date when your photographs will be taken.  After you have entered the details, click on save button. Then you have to submit the form to the electoral officer after which they will decide whether to accept or reject. And then they will verify the same.

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