How to Get Voter ID Card In Karnataka State - Banglore city Voter ID Online

India is a democratic country and the Indians have a right to choose their leaders for the nation as well as for the diverse states. Some of the positions in the parliament and state legislative are selected by the leaders themselves, but most of it is selected by the citizens of India. As Abraham Lincoln said the Government is “by the people, for the people, and to the people”. The meaning of this phrase is so powerful and motivating which explains the true meaning of the democratic country.
Every state has their own polling system and there are elections conducted to choose different positions such as a Chief Minister, MLA's, MP's, and others. To vote in any elections your name has to be registered and one should carry a voter Id which is given at the time of applying a voter Identification card. Voter ID is a proof of nationality and anyone aged 18 years and above is eligible to vote.

Applying for Voters ID

State Karnataka has two methods to obtain a voter ID. One can apply through online or register their name with an application form in the electoral office of Karnataka.

Online registration process

To apply for voter ID online in Karnataka state, you should visit the official website that is The website has links for different kind of process. On the web page in the left hand corner select I want to enroll as a voter and complete the process with registering or signing up for a new log in Username and Password.

Once you receive the details of log in enter the details and fill up the necessary form 6 by visiting fresh voter ID. As an applicant you need to keep all the relevant documents scanned and ready such as the address proof and identification proof. Fill up all the information such as the age, sex, name, address, etc. upload the required documents along with a photo of the applicant. Submit the application after checking all the details once. You will be provided with a reference number which will be required for further inquiries and other verification process.

Direct Submission
There are other ways of submitting the application form. An applicant can go to the Election office of the Karnataka state and request for form number 6 and apply by filling in all the details along with the necessary documents and submit it to the office.
Applicant can also download the form from internet and fill up the form and post it to the Election Commission of India. After applying by any of these ways and once the process starts there will be an official person visiting your place to verify the address and any other details required to verify.
Note: Only freshers application is accepted and these processes are not valid for re request of voter ID of an already registered person in case of stolen or damaged.

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