How To Apply For A New Election Card In Delhi - Voter ID Registration Guide

India is a country full of young talent and the geographical area of the country is also very large. Around 200 million people that we have are registered electorates. 

Same thing will happen in the future, the number of youth will grow at a very drastic level. And they also need to register themselves for that matter in the electoral voter list

Youth should vote for the country if they want to see your country progressing. You will have to vote for your country to make it grow. Only then your role models will be seen as the part of parliament. But if you do not vote, then also you do not have the right to complain about the things. Things will not take place according to you if you do not vote. 

If you vote, it will definitely make a difference in your life and also in the progress of the country. For being eligible to vote, you will have to be the citizen of India. You will have to be at least 18 years of age. If you want to get a voter id card for Delhi, you will have to be from Delhi and should also have a address proof from Delhi. You will also be required to submit few documents to them which are your latest colored photograph, make sure that you have a recent photograph otherwise you will have a problem in the future. 

You should also have on address proof with you which can be anything like that of the current pass book, ration card, any latest bill like that of electricity, gas and other stuffs. One of the age proofs will also be required like that of your birth certificate, driving license, high school certificate or any such stuff as your age proofs. 

Since the whole process has totally become online, the process has also become very easy and anybody who knows just the basic internet can do it on their own. There are three ways by which you can apply for the voter id card, they are voter id card online application, then by downloading form 6 and submit it through post or submit it on your own by going personally to the office.
First of all you will have to register yourself and create a new username and password. Then you will have to fill up all your details. Then you will have to login again.  After that you will have to upload the documents and also the photograph and then submit. Or you can take a print out of the form, fill it and then you will have to submit it to them. 

Then you can post the application form or go yourself to the office and give it to them. The officer of the Booth level (B.L.O) will come to your office later for verifying everything in person. After that your details will be included in the electoral list and and then you will get your voter id card.

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