How to get voter id card in Daman and Diu: A step by step guide

Voting is our birth right. And we all should do it. The process is online and also very easy. The whole process has been made user friendly and you can do that on your own with just a little bit of knowledge of computers. A number of forms are also available that are used for various purposes by us. You just have to click on the form name and it will get downloaded on its own. There are a lot of forms. One can use the forms for the different purposes at their ease. One of them is the 

Form 6 which is of new voter id registration, it is for those people who want their name to be included in the electoral roll list. There is another form called as Form 6A it is for those who have want their name to be included in the electoral roll list by overseas elector. Another one is the Form 7 which is used for the objection to those names included in the list. Another one is the 

Form 8 which is for the purpose of objection to the particulars that you have entered in the list. Then is the Form 8 application for the transposition of entry in the list of the electoral poll. You will have to download on the respective form and download it. Then you will have to fill that form with all your details correctly. Make sure that the details you enter are correct and true so that you do not have to face any problem at the time of verification. While filling, your name should be properly filled with your surname and there should not be any shri/ miss/ shrimati before your name. Make sure that you fill the name and the surname in the different boxes and do not mix them up. Do not mention your caste, fill it only when it is asked to. Regarding the age, make sure that you are 18+, only then you are eligible to apply for the voter id card. In the blank for sex, fill up accordingly, there is also a provision for the eunuchs  separately and they can also fill the same. Your date of birth has to be also filled carefully making sure that it matches with your date of birth certificate. You will also have to mention the place and also the relation of your family member. In case the people who are not married, they can mention their parents name and in case you are married, you can mention the name of your husband for that matter. While filling your address, fill the address completely and also make sure that your pin code is correct. You will also be required to fill your relatives details correctly. After that, you will have to submit the form and you will also have to attach some of the certificates along with it and then there will be verification and you will get your voter id card within a month.

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