How to get voter id card in Dadar and Nagar Haveli :

Five years pass with the blink of any eye. And you again lose the opportunity to vote. Just because you do not have a voter id card, you cannot vote. New party comes, they come with new rules and you cannot do anything as you did not vote, so you will have to bear with this party for the next five years. So, now you have to be ready. You cannot criticize the government just like that for working properly, you will have to stand for your right and only then things will work properly. You have to be ready for the voting system. You have to just register for the same and then you will get your voter id card soon. By not registering, you are making a mistake as our country will not get the right government in case you do not vote. So you will have to vote for our government and for that matter you will have to get yourself registered to get a voter id card. Just by clicking some of the buttons, voting is very essential for our country. Now that the electoral process has been made online, one can get themselves registered easily and can get the voter id card. Voters can only vote if their name is their name is included in the electoral list. The Electoral Commission of India is responsible for the preparing of the electoral list. You should not miss this opportunity of voting in India.
You can do that in two ways, either online or by just registering with the ERO which is Election Registration Officer. If you want to do it online, you will have to first register on their website which is their state’s commission website. 
Now you will have to enter your details which are your name, mail id and your mobile number. After you are done with this, they will sent you your unique number for login and also a password will be provided to you. You will have to use this now for login again. You will get to see a form which is called as the Form 6, you will have to download the Form 6. That has to be filled in now carefully by you. It has to be filled correctly and all the details have to be taken care of by you otherwise you will not get your voter id card. You will also have to attach a photograph with it. Make sure that your photograph is recent and not an old one otherwise that might cause a problem in getting your voter id card. Now you will have to click the Submit button. You should make a note of this that the voter id card takes a month around to arrive at your residence. But before that they will also come at your house for the verification and at that time you have to be there so that the process gets completed smoothly.

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