How to Get Voter Card in Haryana State- Gurgaon City Electoral Registration

Voter id is given to us by the Electoral Commission of India which is ECI. They are the organizing body and they look after the whole process of it. Everything that goes under this is approved by this body, be it the polling booths, regulation of the state, each and everything is looked by them. 

Even the online process that was started was initially under the CEO which is the Chief Electoral Officer but then it was also under the ECI. ECI gives us the voter id card. It has control over the whole process. In all the 29 states of India, the process of registration is all different.

For registration in Haryana, one has to first log in to the website, which is their official website The process has a lot of information that will be required by you as a customer related to the electoral process. The process is fair and transparent. When you log in to this website, you will be directed to a page. You can easily use the website. You just need to have the basic information about internet to use this website. 

In case you find it difficult, then there are also steps that will help you with the whole process. The website is designed by keeping everybody in mind. The website can also translate the page to Hindi for your convenience. Now, since yoy have logged into the site, you are required to create an account for the same. You just need an email id and a phone number for that. You will in some time get a verification code. 

Keep that safely with you, you will be requiring this for future purposes. Once you are done with this, your account will be created. Now you will have to sign in. There will be a form that you have to fill which is Form 6. This form has to be filled with all your details that are like your address, age, sex and many more details. A scanned photo will also have to be uploaded by you. Make sure that the photo is recent. 

You will also have to upload your age proof and also your address proof. Make sure that it is valid. Otherwise, you will not get your voter id card. After uploading, you have to press submit. As you do that, you will get a registration number for the same. After you are done with the registration, you will also have to send them a hard copy of the same documents that you have uploaded. You will also have to sign the same. 

All this is to be sent to the Electoral Office. Then a process called as the verification will take place. One of the officer will come to your home and will check that everything that you have submitted is valid or not. After this, soon you will be able to get your voter id card and also you will be able to vote. 

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