How to Apply For a New Voter ID Card in state of Goa - Step By Step Instruction Guide

We all know that elections are held every five years in India. And, a new government is formed. And we are the people who choose the government. For that, we need to vote and we need to have a voter id card. If your age is above 18, then you should apply for the voter ID card. It will provide you with an identity and also a lot of your work gets done faster. We should use this opportunity by voting and making our country grow. 

Our voter id card also fills the purpose of acting as our address proof. It is very important for all of us. And nowadays the process has become very easy. Everything has become online; anybody who has the basic knowledge of computer can apply for the voter id card. The CEO which is Chief Electoral Officer of Goa is providing us with this facility of voter id card. The system designed by them is very user friendly.

For registration, you have to go to the online site which is The site includes a lot of information that is required by a variety of users. You will have to register yourself first under the new registration option and enter your details. There will also be a lot of other things that are a part of the same which are change in address, rejecting the names from the list and many more. The process is very fair and transparent. 

There are also different types of forms available for your needs which are as Form 4 which is for new registration, then you also have Form 6 which is for you to include names in the list and also there is a Form 7 which is for rejecting a name in the list there. According to your needs, one has to select the form required and also fill all the details carefully. You will have to be very careful while filling the form. All the details have to be filled carefully by you.

In case you are a first time user, you will have to select ‘My name is not included in the enrolled list before’ and you will have to select the constituency which in this case is Goa. After you are done with this, you have to also tell about the relatives that are also a part of the same electoral process. In the entered details are true, you will get all their details. Enter your home address correctly, do not make any mistake. You will also have to upload a photo. 

After you are done, take a print out of the form and that has to be sending it to the election commission office. Send it by speed post. After you are done sending, there is also one section 2 which is behind the form, that will be filled up by the officers and soon they will return you the form back.  

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