How to Apply for a new Voter ID Card in state of Bihar - Patna City Election Refistration Step by Step Guide

Voter id card is not only required for just casting your vote, it is also one of the important that acts as your identity proof as well and also gets a lot of your work done faster. As you turn 18, you should apply for a voter id card vote for the country. If you do not vote, that acts as the hindrance in the growth of the country. 

Voting is your right and you should never miss the opportunity to do that. Nowadays, it has become very easy to get a voter id card, as compared to earlier where you have to wait for days together to get a voter id card and go to the electoral officer’s office, as now it has all become online for that matter. A lot of facilities are provided to the residents of Bihar and they get the voter id card at their residence. They just need to have a basic knowledge and anyone can register. 

One can register at any given time and also at one’s ease. For that you just need to do a simple registration online and you will get your voter id card soon. Even if you do not know how to fill the form or also you are not much acquainted with the internet, the website is equipped with the steps that you can follow and register yourself. Every eligible candidate should apply online for the voter id card.

For registration, you should visit the site which is On the website one can also get to know about the elections, the winning and losing party and other such details. All the details that a candidate should know will be present there. The website is designed in the format that it takes care of everybody. Before that go to the website, you have to log in there with all your details after which you will get a PIN on your mobile number. Keep it safe as it will help you in the registration process. After that you have to download one form called as the Form 6 and it has to be filled carefully. 

After filling that, you have to also upload your scanned documents, make sure all your documents are valid and the details mentioned are correct. Invalid documents will lead to the rejection of the application and you will not be eligible for the voter id card. You will also have to attach a passport size photograph so keep that with you before you register. Once you are done, take a print out of the form and send it to the officer. Once they get your form, they will come to your house to verify your documents. 

They might also ask your neighbour questions about you, so try to be present there at the time of the process. Once they are done with the process of registration, you will get your voter id card within two months.

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