How to Get a Voter ID Card in Andhra Pradesh- Complete Procedure Guide

As we all by now that voter card registration can be also done online now. It has become really convenient for us to do the same. Voter ID card is a very important identity proof that is provided to us by our government. It is used by us also to get various works done. Since the process has become online, our job has also become very easier and now we do not have to go to the office of the electoral officer to get our work done. 
It has really made our life easier. The government is really working a lot for the benefit of its people.  As you turn 18 years of age, apply for a voter id card, it is not a good option to miss the opportunity of voting. As it not only hinders the growth of the country, it won’t also let your work get completed on time. We also need a voter id card to get many things done as it is required as an identity proof at various places,

Registration Process for a New Election Card In Andhra Pradesh:

One has to register before getting their voter id card. And there is a process that has to be followed for getting yourself registered. First of all you need to visit the site of ECI which is Election Commission of India. After that one will be asked to select the state the person belongs to. 
After that, you will be asked to give your details which are as your name, number and also your email address. As you are done with this, you will get an id and password on the number that you gave. Now you can login using that. 

As soon as you open the website, you will find a form called as Form 6 which you have to fill as you are a new user. Fill that form with correct details and then submit it. In case you find it difficult to fill, you can see how to fill the form given on the same website, the details are all given on the website. After you are done, you have to also upload your documents that too they should be scanned. 
Make sure that you have all the valid documents with you otherwise your application will not be accepted. After doing that, you can also keep a track on the whole process and get to know all the details about your voter id card. And also, in case you find that something went wrong in there, and then you can also fill the form again with the correct details.

After all this is done, there will be a process of verification where some officials will come to visit your place to check whether the details that you provided are true or not. So, try to provide all the valid information to them. After the verification process is over, then you will get your voter id card within a month or two. 

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