How to get a Election Card in state of Assam State Online - Registration Process and CEO officials

As the technology is advancing, we are also getting to see a lot of changes within us and also near us. There was a time when we had to stand in a line and wait for days to get ourselves registered for getting a voter id card and we had to go to the electoral officer every other day. But things have changed now. Our government is making it easier for us to get a voter id card now as the process has been made online. It has become very convenient for us today. 
The website has been created by the government of Assam for the welfare of its residents and it has all the resources and help that is required by the people of Assam. It is a service provided by the government, one must take full advantage of the same. We can, now, at our own will register in a go and get a voter id card for ourselves. You just need a basic knowledge of computer for getting yourself registered. If you are 18 years of age, you should apply for the same. It is one of the identity proofs that we have and also gets our work done faster. 
One should not miss the chance of voting as it affects the growth of the country. And it will also lot of your works. For registration, you have to first visit the site of Assam which is There will be a lot of options for downloading a form. One of them will be Form 6, that is the one for you. This form is a pdf file, you have to download this form if you are a new user. 

After downloading is done, you have to take a print out of the same, and then later you will have to fill all the details that it asks for and the it has to be submitted. As soon as you submit it, you will get a reference id number, keep that number safely with you as this number will be used to track a your voter id card and also for other purposes. After sending the form to the officials, they will check all the details, and after some time, one of the officials will come to your place for the purpose of verification.

Make sure you are present there at the time of verification, otherwise it will delay the voter id card process. After the verification is done properly, only then you will get your voter id card within two months at your residence.  In case you wish to change some information later in the voter id card, you can always update it by informing them. There are always options for updating your information on the website itself. In case whole registering also, if you made a mistake, you can always rectify that by registering again and also correcting the mistake that you made. 

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